Secrets of Self Hypnosis

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“Livro antigo com a sobrecapa bastante desgastada com rasguinhos nas bordas e colada com durex nos cantos e internamente, capa dura amarela um pouco encardida, páginas uniformemente levemente amareladas, miolo perfeito. 20×14, 191p, encadernado. The art of self-hypnosis is a most valuable one. It is the science of mind over oneself. It can Help to steer us happily and healthily trough life. It can be the great spur and guide to achievement and success. You may ask-can I practise hypnosis upon myself so that i do myself no harm, only good? The answer is, yes. Hypnosis is a natural law. Few attain all that they wish for life. It is only by the soothing influence of self-hypnosis, albeit unconsciously applied, that life is acceptable. In other words, subconsciously this power of the mind”

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