White Fang

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“Livro em ótimo estado com pouquíssimo desgaste nas bordas, corte levemente encardido, páginas levemente amareladas devido ao tipo de papel um pouco mais nas bordas, miolo perfeito. 20 x 13 cm, 271 páginas, brochura. This thrilling adventure story from the celebrated author of The Call of the Wild traces a wolf-dog’s epic journey from savage beast to man’s best friendThree men traverse the frozen landscape of the Yukon Territory on a sled—two stand upright, one lies dead in a coffin. Stalked by a pack of starving wolves, the travelers are out of ammunition and low on food. When night falls, the wolves will make their final assault. The men’s time is running short, but White Fang’s story is just beginning. Part wolf, part dog, White Fang is a hunter without a pack, at home neither in th”

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